KDK Leatherworks was established by Stephen Stavros during the 1940’s. His father (Jordan) was a tanner who sold leather to shoemakers in Samos (one of the Greek Islands) and when immigrating to South Africa he settled with his family in Johannesburg. He did not stay for long in the leather industry and took up baking instead. His father however stayed in the business and because he did not like Johannesburg, moved with his family to Pretoria where he started the business in Sunnyside. During this time he also opened a shop for his wife, daughter and one son in Lyttelton (1989).

The premises in Sunnyside was closed in 2001.

Michael Karayiannis – grandson of Jordan – who was managing the business in Sunnyside became involved in the Lyttelton business during 1990 which at the time belonged to Kathy (Michael’s mother), Danny (his brother) and Kelly (his sister) – from there the name KDK.

Michael ventured into the automated garage door business since 2005 and became so successful that he had to relinquish his ties with KDK Leatherworks.

Hennie Groenewald who has had a successful career in the advertising industry one day walked into the shop in Lyttelton to have his beloved pair of sandals repaired. Michael’s mother was in the shop and told him how tired she was since she was already 78 years old and not interested in the business anymore.

She gave Hennie Michael’s business card and suggested Hennie buys the shop from Michael. Hennie phoned Michael two days later and the deal was concluded during the next two weeks when Hennie took over the shop from March 1, 2011.

All the staff stayed on (some of whom has been working at KDK even during the Sunnyside days) and other was re-recruited – one being the manager, Deirdre Visser who left the business three years prior.